Where I’ve Been

Back in March, I created this space - a place to share my words and thoughts. It was something to keep me occupied - to keep the writing juices flowing. Then, I became wrapped up in all the excitement that makes blogging the wonderful outlet that it is. Series? Yup, I tried those. Blog Swaps? Yup, did those too. Guest Posting? Oh yes. I'd come home from work, throw something at my family for dinner and get to the computer. Why? I was a blogger and I thought that's what I had to do. Well, … [Read more...]

Simple Words

simple words

This weekend I pushed past my nerves and attended my first writer’s conference, which also means that my fiction was critiqued for the first time. It was a harrowing experience that yielded unexpected results. I have a lot to learn. But it’s okay, actually it’s better than okay - it’s downright wonderful. No, that wasn’t sarcasm. From listening to others critique my work I realized that raw ability and desire isn’t enough. The technical aspects of writing exist for a reason and every writer … [Read more...]

Revealing News!


My initiation into the blogging world in March coincided with my desire to take writing seriously. Up until then I had been one of those, "oh, I should write something" kind of people. I was a sayer, not a doer. Those days are over. The spark was ignited and it's never going out. There's many people I have to thank for that: namely my husband, family, and friends. However, there's another group people who deserve my thanks, all of whom I've never met before: my fellow bloggers. These … [Read more...]

Why Our Kids Need to Be Okay With Mommy Screen Time


It's six o'clock on a Sunday night. I've spent the last ten hours cooking, cleaning and getting my house ready for the week ahead. I'm tired, worn down and could care less that I have a can's worth of enchilada sauce sprayed all over my clothes. All I want to do is collapse on the sofa with a good book. Wait, I can't. Why? That would be because my book is on my iPad and I just got done balancing my bank account on my phone after I used my laptop to look up a recipe. For an entire hour my … [Read more...]

Them Before Us

What We Said

Today’s post is part of my What We Said series. Each month I share a conversation that represents what my life is all about. As I prepare to write these posts each month, I can’t help but think that conversations just like these are taking place all over the world, in every town, on every street. We’re all busy moms just trying to juggle the daily demands of life with our own needs and wants. I think today’s conversation reflects one of the core concepts of parenting: them before us. … [Read more...]